Keep it Safe: The Correct Way to Remove Gloves

We understand the critical role that gloves play as part of your personal protective equipment. These simple barriers serve as the first line of defense against body fluids, chemicals, and other dangerous substances, protecting your hands and preventing cross-contamination.

However, removing gloves without the right technique can pose more risks than benefits, precisely why we’ve created this guide to teach you the safest ways to remove gloves without endangering yourself or others.

Wearing sterile disposable gloves and ensuring their proper removal is of utmost importance for healthcare workers. It keeps both you and your patients safe from contamination. If gloves are not removed correctly, they can carry and spread diseases, harmful substances, and pathogens, and this is a risk we cannot afford.

Your safety doesn’t end with wearing gloves, knowing how to remove them is equally crucial. Follow the steps outlined below to safely remove your gloves:

1. Start by holding the outside of one of your gloves at the wrist. Your non-dominant hand is typically used for this.

2. Carefully draw the glove away from your body, turning it inside out in the process.

3. Keep hold of the removed glove in your gloved hand.

4. Insert your ungloved hand into the second glove at the wrist without touching the outer surface.

5. While holding the first glove, turn the second one inside out so the first glove is contained within.

6. It’s imperative to dispose of the used gloves correctly to minimize spreading germs or contamination. Disposal should be in a sealed, leak-proof container and according to your workplace policy.

Remember, your safety regime isn’t done just yet – always wash your hands thoroughly after removing your gloves.

The risk of cross-contamination is high if gloves aren’t removed properly. It is crucial to remain mindful while performing this task. Never snap your gloves when taking them off as this can cause a spray of hidden pathogens.

Now that you’re well-informed about the right way to remove gloves, it’s time to invest in high-quality gloves that offer maximum protection. Visit and explore our selection of top-tier gloves from trusted brands, available in various sizes to suit your needs.